Positive Birth Affirmations

I thought it might be useful to some for me to post a list of positive birth affirmations to use in the run up to, and during, labour and birth.

Affirmations are simple phrases used to ‘programme’ ones self. They can be invaluable for fear-release prior to labour, as well as during when they give you something positive to focus on.

This post comes with thanks to the Alternative Mama’s on Facebook who contributed to this list!


This is what my body was designed to do.

Relax, breathe, open.

My body is opening wide to let my baby out.

My body is not broken. I can do this.

I am a strong, beautiful woman.

Soon I will meet you, baby.

I accept myself completely, here and now.

I am completely relaxed and comfortable.

I am doing this exactly right and exactly as nature intended.

My body knows what to do. I will surrender fully and completely.

Ride the wave [of the contraction].

I trust my body to birth my baby.


I’d love to hear the affirmations that got you through your labour!


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