10 Reasons Why I Love Breastfeeding

Why I Love BreastfeedingA while ago I wrote a post about how I don’t like breastfeeding very much, and ever since I have been feeling a little guilty because that’s not exactly the case.I Love Breastfeeding

At the time, I meant every word. And of course, there are still times where I feel it would be easier to be able to bottlefeed. But since Squishy has started sleeping better at night (and now my SPD has let up enough to allow us to co-sleep safely making his 3-4 nightly wakings perfectly manageable), the breastfeeding has become so much more enjoyable.

So, I felt compelled to write a smushy post to balance the side of breastfeeding that can sometimes be less than fun.

1. It’s so easy. I mean, I’m aware that it’s not easy for everybody – some women and babies really struggle with breastfeeding, and there’s certainly nothing easy about the constant pumping that working mums have to do. For most, though, after the initial learning and adjustment period of the first few months, the ease of breastfeeding becomes one of the most attractive things about it. Hungry baby? Fixing it is as simple as lifting your shirt.
2. Squishy loves nursing so much. Even at the tender age of 7 months, he is well aware of what “boobies” means and starts waving his arms and babbling at the mere mention. Then, once he is on my lap and I’m trying to get the goods out, the sight of him kicking his little legs and grasping at the boob is just adorable. His excitedness (is that even a word?) is heart-melting.
3. I love when he slowly raises his foot to my mouth with a cheeky grin on his still-nursing mouth, knowing that when it reaches my face I will not be able to resist nibbling on it just so I can hear his wonderful giggle.
4. I know I’m giving him the best. Parenting is hard work; we know what kind of parents we want to be – kind, gentle, loving, and patient – but we often fall short of our ideals because life with small children can be stressful. Even the most peaceful parents yell on occasion, or find themselves resorting to the shaming and coercing that they experienced as children themselves. However much I doubt my ability to parent my kids in the way I want to, when I breastfeed I *know* that I absolutely am giving Squishy the very best nutritional start possible.
5. Night-times are so much smoother. Night feeds involve the less than monumental effort of pulling him over to me, letting him feed, waiting for him to pop himself off, rolling him over onto his tummy and going back to sleep. Result.
6. The smell of his sweet, milky breath is intoxicating.
7. Breastfeeding helps me to maintain a basic level of respect for my body. I may not like it sometimes, and I may often wish I was smaller/firmer/flatter/tighter/more pert, but knowing my body has an important purpose helps me silence those self-destructive voices that we are all victim to at times.
8. Needing to nurse Squishy gives us all a great excuse for some quiet time. Sometimes the days can get very hectic and we all need to relax. Nursing time means snuggling on the sofa for a blissful ten minutes with my soft, warm baby whilst my older son either snuggles next to me with a toy, watches a little TV or plays at my feet. Nothing recharges me better. Well, a nap would probably recharge me better, but we mamas take what we can get ;)
9. There’s not much in this world that’s cuter than when he sneezes mid-feed.
10. There’s something wonderful about breastfeeding that can’t be explained, quantified or compared. The feeling that wells up in your heart when the little person you brought into the world is looking you straight in the eye whilst feeding from your breast is something quite astonishing. Breastfeeding is pure love; not just the transference of nutrients and antibodies but the fostering of love and trust that will last a lifetime.

What do you love about breastfeeding?

Image courtesy of Raphael Goetter @ Flickr


  1. says

    I love it when my little one is so eager she is open-mouth nuzzling at my shirt and just can’t figure out why something is in her way!
    Also when she is feeling super impatient and getting upset in the 2.2 seconds before she gets to eat, then immediately settles down with a little contented sigh.

  2. says

    Oh, man, where to start. My little guy will be seven months in a few days and there’s so much I’ve loved about breastfeeding him so far. I love how easy and restful our nights are. Like you said your little one puts his foot up- mine sticks his hands in my mouth. So cute. And like Ruth said above, it cracks me up when he starts rooting for it when I’m getting him and my clothes in place, but he starts sucking on my shirt instead. So funny. But, most of all, like you mentioned in number 10, it’s indescribable. No words can express the feeling in my heart when we’re snuggled so close to each other, knowing I am giving him not only nutrition, but love and comfort.

  3. Tracey says

    Omg my heart just melted when I read this! I too absolutely loved breastfeeding! There really is nothing like it. I did it for 9 months and am so proud of myself!

  4. says

    I nursed my little one for two years and even now, three years later, I still miss it, particularly when she’s having a rough night or doesn’t feel well. You will never regret nursing whether it’s for one day, one year or even more!

  5. says

    I loved your post. I loved breast feeding and felt guilty when I stopped (my daughter was roughly 19 months old. She is 28 months now and she still likes to hold onto my breast when she’s tired or sitting in my lap (: I swear she would still nurse right now if I let her LOL Pregnant again and looking forward to nursing my second. Glad I never had to get up in the middle of the night and mix formula. I dont know how people do it! My little one used to make these soothing noises while she nursed. & now she makes them while she eats lol love it.

  6. Sonia says

    Love the post. Love especially no 2 and 10. Love breastfeeding even though 6 weeks of practise still give us lot of space to improve. Just finished one early mornong feed and thinking about how much I love it put it in Google. Found Alternative mama and again…love it! Now back to sleep :-)

  7. Noelle says

    My baby boy was an early teether (he has 8 teeth already at 9 months old!), and once the top two came in, it seemed the biting would never stop! I would bleed and sometimes cry. I thought for a while that I might have to stop breastfeeding to keep my sanity. I looked it up, and it turns out he had just gotten lazy with the latch. I am SOOOOO glad that I kept at it. We are back to absolute bliss. I know that it is soooo good for him, especially as winter approaches, and I love that I am teaching him to come to me when he is in distress, scared, tired, or hungry instead of going to food. Nothing is better than Mamma’s boobie.

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