Creative Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

baby shower gift ideas

If you have a good friend or family member in the process of starting their family and welcoming a little bundle of joy, then you’ve probably spent hours roaming stores and shopping online for a quintessential baby shower gift that will show them how truly excited and happy you are for them. The problem is that nothing seems quite right. Before you go completely crazy and sign up for knitting lessons to weave junior a new blanket, try some of these unique and memorable gift ideas, like personalized books for babies or treats specifically for the mother-to-be.

Get Personal

Everyone loves a thoughtful personalized gift, even babies. There are a variety of different products you can have the little tyke’s name engraved on including stuffed animals, outfits, and even personalized princess gifts for baby girls. There are even companies that will personalize classic children’s books and baby books at an affordable price.

An engraved present at a baby shower shows you planned ahead of time and cared enough to know baby’s name and provide a genuine and considerate gift. There is no need to bring another boring outfit to a baby shower again when instead you can be the hit of the party with a personalized present.

Think of the New Mom

If you have ever been a new mother yourself, then you know it is hard work. There are long nights with very little sleep, days spent feeding, rocking and changing diapers, and a whole new life and schedule to adjust to. The new momma would probably greatly appreciate a baby shower gift that treated her to something special, like a massage gift certificate for after she delivers, or a date night package for her and hubby or even a meal service or cleaning service to help her out in the first month after junior is born.

There are so many gift ideas that a new mother would appreciate, and they bring originality and uniqueness to baby showers that are often flooded with the same old gifts of pacifiers and bottles. Think outside the box and give the new momma something she can really enjoy and look forward to.

When All Else Fails, Go Classic

Sure, some of the best baby shower gifts might be the personalized books for babies or the spa certificates for the mother-to-be, but if you don’t have a lot of time or money then you might want to go for a classic baby shower gift that is always greatly appreciated. Diapers, wipes, rash cream, lotion and baby wash are all fairly inexpensive items that are essential to newborn babies and widely welcomed by new mothers.

If you want to put a creative spin on it, consider buying diapers and creating a diaper cake out of them, or buy rash cream, lotion and wash and wrap it up with a hooded baby towel or pack of soft baby washcloths. Just because you go for a classic gift doesn’t mean you can’t put an original spin on it.

Whatever gift you end up giving, you are sure to be a hit at the baby shower because you put time and effort into making sure this special new baby felt welcomed and loved.


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