How To Write A Birth Plan

birth plan

A birth plan is a document written by yourself that informs your care providers about how you wish your birth to be handled. It will let them know how you wish to be cared for during your labour and birth, and will help them to assist you in having the kind of birth you want. Most women write … [Read more...]

Do You Trust Birth?

Birth activist

After a few comments made on our facebook page, I feel I should clarify that this post is not intended to cause offence, or to 'bash' true natural birth advocates.  When I talk here about trusting birth, I am talking about the kind of blind trust that leads women to take ridiculous risks, as well as … [Read more...]

Is Birth A Political Issue?

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Sparked by some comments on my previous post (which I am still formulating replies to, so bear with me) I have been wondering when childbirth stops becoming just another set of choices, and when it transforms into a political issue. A commenter very insightfully pointed out that putting the … [Read more...]

Home Birth: A Different View

Gentle Sleep Solutions For Babies

Anybody who knows me, or who has spent any time reading my blog, will know that I am a big advocate for home birth. I have experienced both the standard hospital birth (thankfully a different story to US hospital birth, but still not ideal) and the all-natural home birth, and the latter was just… … [Read more...]

Home Birth Must-Haves

Home Birth

…Okay, so all you really need is yourself and your baby. However, part of the reason why home birth is so fab is that you can make your surroundings perfect for you. There are little to no restrictions as to who and what will be around you when you birth. When I was planning my own home birth, I … [Read more...]