The Joys of Baby-Led Weaning

baby messy eating

As mum to a thriving one year old who has been BLW since five and a half months, I always relish the opportunity to explain the benefits to other parents. Thus I decided to write this quick and dirty guide to the basics of BLW. What is Baby-Led Weaning? Babies, if allowed, will naturally teach … [Read more...]

The Babymoon


  Congratulations! After months of waiting, your bundle of joy is finally here. Now begins The Babymoon – the first couple of weeks of blissful elation as you ease gently into parenthood… apparently. In reality, the Babymoon, although wonderful in many ways, is a huge culture shock – … [Read more...]

Hold Your Baby

sleeping baby

At the breastfeeding group that I volunteer at, the most common non-breastfeeding-related concern (or rather, the most common indirectly breastfeeding-related concern) the new mums have is that they are holding their babies too much. This is an open letter to them, and to all mothers who worry that … [Read more...]

“Is He a Good Baby?”

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This question ranks pretty high on my List Of Stupid Questions I Don't Wish To Be Asked. It's right up there with “Well, aren't you afraid he'll never sleep in his own bed?” and “But if he doesn't go to school, how will he get socialised?”. By asking if a baby is 'good', you are insinuating that … [Read more...]