What Attachment Parenting Means to Me

Attachment parenting means attending to my children’s needs first and foremost, whilst not neglecting my own.  Although I may not always achieve it, I always strive for balance.

Attachment parenting is not black and white, or an exact science. I love to co-sleep, but my children can sleep in their own beds too and still be securely attached to me.

Attachment parenting means realising that my baby’s ‘want’ and ‘need’ are the same thing.

Attachment parenting means knowing that my preschoolers ‘want’ and ‘need’ are very different things – and having the compassion and understanding to support him through his frustration when he is figuring out that difference for himself.

Attachment parenting means holding my baby without restraint, both in my arms and in my heart.

Attachment parenting means doing what’s right for my children, even if it’s not easy or convenient for me.

Attachment parenting means modelling compassion and respect for others so that my children may learn to do the same.

what attachment parenting means to meAttachment parenting is respecting my children’s abilities when it comes to skills like self-soothing, and not forcing them to learn at my pace rather than their own.

Attachment parents make mistakes.

Attachment parenting means never forgetting that every parenting choice I make will somehow affect my children as adults.

Attachment parenting is knowing when to let go.

Attachment parenting means refusing to leave my baby to cry in the night.

Attachment parenting means lovingly guiding my children onto the right path, not punishing them when they ‘misbehave’.

Attachment parenting is love without measure.

What does attachment parenting mean to you?


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    I have found AP to come naturally for the first three years, although I have grown into it more with each child. We continue to reap the benefits indefinitely. We do implore firmer discipline at this age though. Bedding close by continues but lessens up until age five, then they are in their own/each others beds. Weekends are an exception. We look for a firm/gentle balance.

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    I have been journaling our baby sleep triianng experience to maybe one day to help other moms, but more specifically document this adventure in our lives. Part One is here. Part Two is here. Part Three is here.

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