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Life with little ones brings many questions. From questions about parenting, to wonderings about marriage and dealing with extended family, all of us need a sounding board from time to time.

I firmly believe that, as parents, we should give our instincts authority over any advice we may receive. However, sometimes it can be useful to hear different opinions and seek stories of experience from people who have been in your shoes. Parenthood can be isolating, and we all need to feel a little less alone sometimes.

The Alternative Mama Q&A Cafe gives you the chance to ask your question – anonymously if you wish – and receive answers from myself, and from our fantastic community of readers. Many readers already ask questions within our supportive facebook community – of course, you can still do this. However, the Alternative Mama Q&A Cafe opens up the floor to a much wider audience, and gives you the freedom to write your question without the maximum character limit that facebook imposes.

You can ask a question about any issue you like – parenting, infant feeding, health issues, sex, relationships, lifestyle… Anything! I will thoroughly research your question and do my best to provide a useful answer with links to resources that can help you further – and other readers will be able to help, too.

Additionally, if you’re in a tough situation and are simply looking for some loving support, that’s okay too. You can find that support you need right here.

To ask a question, just click here – or use the Contact tab above. Put “Q&A” in the subject line, and if you wish to remain anonymous just say so within your message.

Q&A Cafe posts will be published weekly, on a Thursday.  I am hoping that this series will open up some lively discussions among us, and help further develop the Alternative Mama community of support.

The Alternative Mama Q&A Cafe is open! Don’t be shy!


  1. Melanie says

    Hi, I just wanted some opinions on the behavior of my 22 month old. He’s a pretty typical full on little boy I think, he has however been hitting and throwing things at people lately, mostly kids but he doesn’t really

  2. Melanie says

    Discriminate. He is worse if it’s a busy environment, when he’s tired or around new people. Do you think this is normal? I did, but I’ve had someone recently say it’s not. I think it is and I just say gentle touching or move him away.

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